Dr. Doug Belshaw


Doug Belshaw

Hello! I'm an technologist, leader, and educator advocating for greater openness and transparency in the world. I now work primarily through We Are Open Co-op and occasionally through Dynamic Skillset.

I work from home in Northumberland, the English county of castles and coastlines. As you can see from my CV I've had a varied career, following my interests and values. I've always got some projects on the go.

I'm perhaps best known for my work on digital literacies. I successfully defended my doctoral thesis on the topic and then wrote a book entitled The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies during the time I was Mozilla's Web Literacy lead.

In addition, I'm known for my evangelism of Open Badges which is a form of web-native digital credentialing. I've travelled the world speaking and facilitating on this and many other topics at hundreds of events.

One of these topics is decentralisation, which I also explored on a very practical basis as Product Manager of MoodleNet. This involved building a talented and diverse team to deliver the world's first federated, resource-centric, social network for educators.

I'm trying to make the world a better place than I found it. If you're doing something similar get in touch!

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