Doug Belshaw

Dr. Doug Belshaw

Open Thinkerer

Hello! I'm an open strategist with a deep background in education and also in organisational change. In other words, I'm an educator, technologist, researcher, and advocate for openness and transparency. I now work full-time with my We Are Open Co-op colleagues after spending two years taking the MoodleNet project from zero to one.

I work from home in Northumberland, the English county of castles and coastlines, with my wife and two children. My career has taken me from History teacher through to co-op founder, through a variety of interesting roles along the way with organisations large and small.

These days, I spend a lot of time talking about decentralisation, but I'm perhaps best known for my work on digital literacies. I successfully defended my doctoral thesis on the topic, subsequently writing a book entitled The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies and giving an overview of it in a TEDx talk. My thesis has been accessed over 900,000 times, my TEDx talk has over 115,000 views, and my e-book is on the reading list of Masters-level university courses around the world.

I'm an evangelist for digital credentials, most notably Open Badges. I've spoken about this and many other topics at hundreds of events as a keynote speaker, panellist, MC, and workshop leader. It was the original reason I joined the Mozilla Foundation back in 2012 as, despite my formal qualifications, I believe peer-to-peer credentialing to be much more powerful.

I'm always on the lookout to work with awesome people who are doing things to make the world a better place. Please get in touch if that sounds like you!

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